Several Random Thoughts & Experiences

Just a few unrelated thoughts and topics.

A Phenomenon that I'm Curious About

Over the last several weeks I've spoken to three different Rotary Clubs. Whenever (and wherever) I speak, I always ask audience members to fill out a very quick and simple three-question survey. I always ask the same way, "Please take just a minute. It's completely anonymous and helps me learn more about networking and improve my presentations."

When I speak to the Central Valley Professionals job club, every person fills it out. When I spoke to real estate agents at Newton & Sons in Dinuba and London Properties in Clovis, every one of them fill it out. But for the Rotary Clubs, fewer than 20% fill out the form.

I truly wonder why? Is there a better way to present it to them? Any ideas for how I can get a better response?

Rediscovering Old Friends

You never know when you're going to run into someone. At London Properties this morning, I started my presentation and finally realized why the gentleman sitting in the front looked so familiar. I had worked for him nearly 20 years ago in my first job out of college. It was an excellent learning experience and I admired the business that he and his partner had built. We caught up just briefly and I'm glad to learn that he's got a great life. And, I realized who he reminds me of (or who reminds me of him); Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio.

Losing Old Friends

On a sad note. This weekend, long-term active Chamber member Jim Wilson of J&E Business Services passed away unexpectedly. Jim had this gravelly voice that sounded - if you didn't know him - as if he was angry. But he was one of the most even-tempered, straight-forward, no-nonsense people I knew. He was very tall and would stand close and talk right down to me, which I found intimidating until I met his wife. She's shorter than I am, so he must have been used to talking with her! Jim had a guant, Clint Eastwood look until he smiled with a surprisingly boyish grin.

We'll sure miss you Jim.

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