How to Escape Conversations at Networking Events

The implication in the title is that it is a conversation that we want to get away from. Usually it's when we are pinned down by someone's who has gone straight to the sales pitch. Once in a while it's when the conversation has turned to a topic that's uncomfortable to us.

Most if us are very polite and will not interrupt the other person. Most of us think that we're supposed to listen to whatever the other person has to say. Most of us think we shouldn't take control of the conversation's direction.

Most of us are willing to give away our profits.

What?! Give away our profits? No, of course we don't want to give away our profits. But when you let someone ramble on about their product or service, when you don't step far enough out of your comfort zone to direct the conversation, and when you don't focus on your purpose for attending a networking event, then you are giving away your profits.

You need to find two-way connections. People that can help you and whom you can help. Your time is best spent in building mutually beneficial relationships.

Most of the conversation that takes place at networking events is fishing. People are randomly casting out their bait, hoping for a bite. Ever watch someone fish? It's very slow and time consuming.

You don't have time to go fishing. You need to be specific about what you want to accomplish. Spending time listening to other people "fish" is not going to make you money, or find the contacts you need to grow your business.

So ... does the thought that you are losing out on opportunities, missing vital contacts, and letting someone else "fish" on your time make it a little easier for you to be willing to interrupt someone and take control of the conversation in a way that will benefit you both?

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