One Last Networking Lesson from MJ

Jackie Collins was the guest on the Dennis Miller show earlier this week. Of course, the conversation turned toward Michael Jackson. Dennis asked Jackie if she was friends with Michael. She said they didn't see each other more than a few times, but she very clearly remembered the first time they met.

Jackie was attending a big Hollywood party, full of major stars, at a very large mansion. While she mixed and mingled, the hostess approached her and asked for a favor.

Apparently Michael Jackson has arrived, but was out front with a full-blown case of shyness. The hostess thought that Jackie would be able to talk him into coming into the party. Jackie went out and Michael was outside, nervous and worried about meeting people like Sean Connery. "What would I say to them? What would they think of me?" he told her.

Jackie Collins, in her sophisticated British accent, laughed and said she told him he was a bigger star than any of them. He eventually did go into the party and had a wonderful time.

So the next time you're feeling shy about entering a party, remember how a great entertainer like Michael Jackson felt that way. Take a deep breath and enter the room like you're as big a star as anyone. I'm no Jackie Collins, but you might thank me anyway.

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