Where Are the Edges of Your Comfort Zone?

The Clovis Chamber mixer tonight was held at one of the best AAA baseball stadiums in the country, in their skybox/lounge/bar. We had the entire place to ourselves. On one hand, I was a little concerned that hundreds would show up for the chance to have fun in our very popular Grizzlies baseball stadium. On the other hand, I wondered if the location would be a problem.

See, the mixer was held ... in Fresno. Downtown Fresno. I wondered if people would hesitate to drive "all the way downtown." I wondered if they would not be willing to stretch their comfort zone quite that far. I wondered if our streak of extremely well attended mixers would suffer a bit from being "all the way downtown" which is located a few miles past the edge of many people's comfort zones.

Are you limited by your comfort zone? I think I fool myself a little bit by telling myself that I'm not limited. I go outside of my comfort zone all the time... but do I? I've done enough networking for long enough that I feel pretty comfortable much of the time, even at new events because there are usually people I know. Hm, maybe if I feel comfortable, I'm not out of my comfort zone.

How do you know? Do you have to feel uncomfortable to know you're outside of your comfort zone? Or can you get comfortable enough with feeling a bit stretched and out of place that it no longer feels uncomfortable?

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