Are You the Tortoise or the Hare?

Remember the fable of tortoise and the hare? The moral to the story was that slow and steady wins the race over fast but inconsistent. It's undeniably true in networking that consistent effort over time is going to get much better results that short bursts of participation followed by long silence. But we hate the idea because we want results now!

(Photo by Bad Rabbit Inc.)

It's one of the reasons for the controversy (and excellent ongoing conversations) about the recent study by the ESR Group. No one is going to get a quick sales fix from social media.

Wait! Except some people have gained excellent results, maybe even sales results. What are they doing differently? Besides having a clear strategy, building community, and using it as a communication tool, there's something else the successful marketers are doing with their social media marketing.

They brought a horse to the turtle/rabbit races. The rabbit is fast, but inconsistent, good at short bursts of effort followed by long rest periods. The turtle is really slow, but he keeps going on and on and on.

The horse is fast, powerful, and has great endurance (we're talking about desert-bred Arabians not Quarter Horses). Those who are successful in the social media market entered it strongly, moved quickly and kept going strongly.

Wouldn't you rather be the horse in this race?

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  1. Nice blog Beth =)

    Remember, horses require much more resource to keep running.

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