Everyone Wants to Network Now

The Clovis Chamber has seen a dramatic increase in the attendance at mixers since the beginning of the year. In part because we've stepped up our promotion efforts. And we've worked hard to find venues and enhancements that are very tempting. I call this two-part strategy the "nagging plus bribery" plan.

The other reason that were seeing nearly 50 - 80% more people at our events is because of the economy. Everyone is having to work harder to maintain their same level of business. With sales going down, they don't have the means to increase their marketing & advertising budgets. So what do they do to keep their businesses going? Networking!

Funny how networking is being recognized as an amazing, low-cost way of promoting your business all of a sudden. People are busier than ever, yet somehow they are finding the time to network.

I hope that we don't see the "New Years/Gym" effect. You know, everyone is enthusiastic as the beginning, but as the year wears on (or the economy improves) they lost their momentum and their interest.

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