Everyone Wants to Network Now, Part 2

A couple days ago, I observed that it looks like the first week in January at the gym when you go to networking events. Attendance is up, probably because people are having to work harder to promote their businesses. Since they don't have money to advertise, they are returning to that reliable business tool called networking.

Jacob Jacobsohn of Networking Insight has also commented on this, noting that traffic on LinkedIn doubled in February this year over last. I wonder if this also have contributed in part to the tremendous growth of Twitter.

If you've started networking because you're in a job search or you're having to range further and work harder to promote your business, don't become a "New Year's drop out." Stick with the program long after everyone else has decided it's too hard or they'd rather watch more TV.

They may have experienced a short term benefit, but you'll be the grand winner in the long run.

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