How to Create Your Own TweetUp

After the wonderful success of the first Fresno TweetUp on February 20th, I think everyone needs to create their own TweetUps on a regular basis.Picture of just a few of the Fresno TweetUp by @MsJennyJen

What is a TweetUp? It's simply a meeting (a meet up) of people that gets arranged on Twitter. Messages on Twitter are called "tweets" so the name "TweetUp" is a play on words.

It's very simple, you just put the word out as to a time and place, then see who shows up. It could be one-on-one. I met with @Relocater and @NewHomesFresno for coffee and all the arrangements were made on Twitter. That made it a TweetUp. Or it could be a much larger event.

Here are tips for creating a large TweetUp:
  • Make sure you have enough people in the local area who are engaged and talking with each other. This is the ultimate word-of-mouth experiment.
  • Test the waters by suggesting a TweetUp. If you get a lot of messages asking when and where, there's interest and you're ready to go.
  • Use a free polling service such as TwtPoll to get an idea of the best time for the most people (this also helps create more interest in the event).
  • Choose a location that is convenient and attractive. Since Twitter is still in the early adoption stages, there's probably a lot more people under 40, so HomeTown Buffet is not your best bet. You might find that a local restaurant may be willing to provide some free appetizers if you are going to bring them 30 or 40 people at once who will all want drinks.
  • Create an invitation on TwtVite and start sending it out. Ask people to RT (retweet) and pass the invitation along.

(Picture by @Relocater from her phone)
The Fresno TweetUp idea came from Shantay Davies (@NewHomesFresno). Once she set a time and date, she released the information and the event was on! There were over 50 people; it was definitely a success.

Here are a few more suggestions:
  • Keep it as simple as possible; you already have a job.
  • Have name tags and ask people to use their Twitter name and real name.
  • Plan it no more than a week or two in advance. Too long of notice and the excitement dies down. Plenty of TweetUps have been created on-the-fly, but give it a week or two for the most attendance.
  • It's okay to tweet at a TweetUp! You'll engage those who couldn't attend and help them feel less left out. And the point of Twitter is the immediacy of the medium. You'll also drum up more interest in the next one.
  • Be willing to let "ownership" of the event go. It will take on a life of its own.
Have you had a TweetUp in your town? How did it go? Are you planning one? Tell us about it!


  1. Beth,
    Thank you for your blogs on Social Media! Anyone interested or thinking about jumping in would benefit from your posts. I was at the first Fresno Tweet Up myself and met a few people there who came with someone they know who uses Twitter. They were thinking of using Twitter and I am sure received a huge download of information and ideas from all the Twitter users who showed up. Twitter is an excellent tool for friends, business or both if you like to mix your "hats". The functions of Twitter are exploding. I love it.

  2. Beth,

    I always enjoy reading your blog! Great tips there. Keep 'em coming!

  3. We had our San Diego tweetup last night. It was a blast. We had a tweetwall and the rock band game for entertainment. Twitter search on #sdtweetup to see tweets about the event.