Some Things are Easier in Social Media

Have you examined your in person techniques and feel ready to take the plunge into social networking? Good news, some things are easier!
  • It's easier to keep up with the milestones of your friends' lives. Sounds strange, but sometimes we really care about someone, but we lost touch. Then we run into them, ask about the spouse, and find out the hard way that they're not together. Social networking helps avoid those awkward moments.

  • Finding out what you have in common. It may never come up in conversation that you're a big fan of Douglas Adams, but quote him in a Twitter post and it's amazing how people will respond. Same thing with the 25 Things About Me that is making the rounds on Facebook. Some people think it's impersonal, but what a fun way to learn more about people you know!

  • Giving. As important as giving and helping other people is, this alone could be the number one reason to get into social networking sites. It's easier to give online because information is so easy to find, share, and distribute. And information - the right information - can be extremely valuable.

  • Remembering people's names! :-) Online and in person. If you forget people's names, find them on Facebook and study their FACE until you can remember their name.
Tomorrow: How to stay in touch with the real world, without having to ask your spouse to smash the computer.

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  1. What I also find easier with social media is learning more about your customer or prospect. You can only learn so much in a one-to-one conversation. But if you observe that person in their social media context, you can see them behave in non-business environments. Here, you can learn their politics, hobbies, favorite movies, music, and where they travel. You should be able to find something in common.

    This will help you more strongly connect the next time you have a face-to-face interaction!