Wasting Time

It was the first cool foggy day of the year in Fresno today. Finally, a month from winter, it feels like fall. Once we start thinking about the holidays, the next item on the list are resolutions.

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. I don't want to try to improve my life only once a year! We're too used to dropping resolutions after a few weeks or months. Instead, I try to integrate new strategies, habits, and plans on a continuing basis.

Earlier this month I announced an intention to do push ups and to blog every day. So far - pretty good. I think I've missed one of each since then. Oddly enough, not on the same day.

Here's a new habit I'm serious about incorporating into my business life: not wasting anyone's time. Not our Chamber members', not the community, and not my fellow staffers' time. I don't want anyone to leave an event that I am responsible for thinking "that was a waste."

The question becomes how to not waste other people's time. What does "waste" mean to them? I don't think it means always being completely business-like and serious all the time. It means giving full value in every interaction, whether business, social, or personal.

I'll explore this more in future posts, but for now I don't want to take up any more of your time. :-)

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