Meeting People No Matter Where You Go

It was 7:10 a.m. on Sunday morning when I got on the bus at the Trail of Two Cities. I and 63 other people were heading out to mile 19 where we would wait for our relay teammates. Personally, I was energized from seeing nearly 3,000 people at the starting line (and a Venti Americano). Everyone else seemed half asleep.

I sat next to a woman about my age (Tiffany) and struck up a conversation. In networking, talk about a wide variety of subjects. That way you're more likely to find out what you have in common. I mentioned my interest in a half-marathon in Visalia, but wasn't sure I could go because my company put on a major event the same day. She asked where I worked, showing good networking skills herself by asking for details.

Turns out her mom is Cindy Breuer, who worked for the Fresno Chamber in membership, is on our Ribbon Cutting team and who is a good friend of Ellie Huston. I've known Cindy for 5 years.

Small world. Only 2 degrees of separation from a total stranger I sat next to on the marathon bus.

Even better part of the story: Tiffany whips out her iPhone, searches for me on Facebook and sends a Friend invitation that was waiting for me when I got home. One of the many ways that technology actually makes for more and for better relationships.

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