It's Not Just Showing Up

I've been listening to Jim Rohn today. He's got a very direct way of challenging your thinking, but still manages to be very funny. Maybe because he ridicules some of the things that we do, knowing full well that they are ridiculous while we are doing them.

What would he tell people who say that they don't like networking because they don't get anything out of it? He'd ask them what they put into it first. And when they said they were waiting for other people to give to them, he'd say "What if everybody waited for someone else to give first? We'd all be standing there with our hands out ... but not to shake!"

Do people who think to gain from networking by showing up expect to get paid by just showing up at work? Of course, not. You have to put something out before you get something back. If networking were sales, we'd just line up and take turns asking each other, "Do you want to buy my product?" We could skip all that tedious "getting to know each other". What a sad, dreary business world that would be.

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