Okay, I "Get" Golf Now

I had a great time playing golf last Friday with my friends from Fresno County Federal Credit Union. Now I see why people are so crazy about it. But I sure didn't anticipate how much work it is. It uses muscles you just don't normally use. My hands and arms in particular are still sore.

Now I'm looking for friends who want to play just 9 holes or less at a time. Hank's Swank is cheap enough that I wouldn't feel bad just playing 4 or 5. Anyone interested?

My friend Lisa Marie Platske reprinted one of my posts regarding "Like-ability". Thanks Lisa Marie, and welcome to her readers. It's not about getting other people to like you, but learning to like other people more.

You can see the post below. I have a couple things to add:
  • Sometimes we get a little judgemental or we catch someone on a bad day. Not trying to like more people and liking them better can cause us to miss out.
  • Here's a great phrase someone taught me: People do thing that annoy us, no to annoy us. Unless you're 12 and your brother is 10.

I think that Like-ability (you liking other people) is vital to likability (other people liking you). You have to give to get, and this is no exception.

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