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Go back a couple of days for my review of "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. It's an extremely valuable book because it lays the foundation for every other book on personal, professional, and financial development you will ever read. It can also have a profound effect on your health which impacts all the rest.

This weekend, I realized there's an industry where they get it. They understand the principals of the Slight Edge. Now, don't laugh ... but it's NASCAR. You know, stock car racing. Dale Earnhardt Jr and Jeff Gordon driving real fast around a big oval track.

If you listen to the drivers talk, especially during a big race weekend, you hear them say so many things that really come from understanding the Slight Edge.

Every single successful driver, pit crew member, and crew chief understands that every day they make small choices that continually build on each other to create a winning season. It might be a tiny change in the jack man's footing that takes .1 seconds off each pit stop which leads to 2 or 3 higher places each week in the race which adds up to the most points at the end of the year. (That's how they determine the championship.)

The champion teams have the best philosophies which influence their attitudes, thier actions, and their results which ultimately determine their season.

Every week they talk about getting a little better. Every week they try to be a little faster, a little more clever on the track. Rookies are just looking for getting in their laps, knowing that just being out there and doing it will make them better.

Their crew chiefs are constantly making course corrections. The car's too tight, now it's too loose but they keep adjusting and tweaking it until it works. They take a wrecked car as a learning opportunity, sometimes they don't even get upset because "the car was fast!" and that's all that mattered.

They talk obsessively about momentum. They reflect on what they've accomplished. They celebrate their victories, whether it's the win or if its their 3rd best finish of the year.

All these actions are part of applying the Slight Edge. Look for people, businesses, and industries where they understand this principal. See how you can apply their successes to your life. You don't even have to get in a wreck to learn something!

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