It Is So True ...

It is so true that, all things being equal, people do business with people they know and trust. I had a clear demonstration of that yesterday.

I was having a conversation with one of our Chamber members when the conversation turned to fashion - in that I have to get a lot of my clothes hemmed or altered. I mentioned the name of my seamstress' business and the member said, "Oh, I need to find an alteration shop closer to where I live. I've seen her shop, but I didn't know if she did a good job and I didn't know anyone who was using her." [Emphasis mine].

She was aware of the business, needed the service, and yet hesitated because she didn't know anything about them. Of course, I immediately told her that I was very happy with the service and highly recommended them.

How often do you shy away from using a business because you don't know them? Could you be losing business because people know OF you, but don't KNOW you?

P.S. The alteration shop is called Debbe's Custom Sewing, located in the shopping center on the SW corner of Shaw and Minnewawa. Tell Debbe that Beth sent you.

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